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Life Updates!

So, it’s been more than a year since I last updated, back when I said I was quitting blogging.

Yes, laugh it up, because quitting just isn’t an option for any of us poor schmucks, huh?

So, so much has happened and while I can’t remember it all, I’ll just leave you with the major highlights.

1. Surgery!
I’ll probably make a separate post regarding this, but I’ll give you a tl;dr here. Basically I had been bleeding every single day for like six years. I hadn’t been to ever see an obgyn (shocking, I know) and due to never being able to afford good healthcare, I had just let it slide for such a long time until a job came along where I could afford it. I briefly mentioned in a previous post back in September 2017 that I found a doctor I could trust and that led to finding an obgyn I could trust. So, to keep it on the short end, it was tentatively diagnosed that I have PCOS, had a newborn head size cyst on my left fallopian tube and options were run through to address it. Went with a uterine ablation, cyst and fallopian tube were removed, the right tube was cut and tied and that was that. Took several months to bounce back from it and a couple of job changes since. Surgery was August 1st, 2018.

2. I had to file for Disability!
Shortly after the surgery, probably around November, I had a plethora of other health issues arise. I’ve always had a fast heart rate since I was a kid that had never been addressed. And sometime in the fall of 2012, I began experiencing really bad vertigo. Put it off, like I always do, until the heart rate got to be too much and the vertigo escalated into fainting and… tl;dr, I was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia with Premature Ventricular Contractions and Meniere’s Disease! The symptoms from both have been so bad I’ve been unable to work since November of 2018. Filed for Disability, was denied twice, went with a lawyer to help me out and won’t see a judge for a deliberation for another 22 months or so.

3. Our Min Pin had to be laid to rest.
I’m… still really cut up over this. Redd was my first dog. It was my idea to rescue him from a bad situation back in the summer of 2008 and while he gradually became hubby’s dog, he’s always been my baby. This little shit was so unique and it took us a long time to get him from being scared of his shadow to being the funny little asshole that just completely stole our hearts. By the time he was deteriorating to a point where it was noticeable, because he was a super stoic little guy, there was nothing we could do. Every bone from the base of his skull to the tip of his little stub tail had fused together and there was nothing we could do to make him comfortable. His pain was exceeding his medications and surgery was out of the question. He was already around 15 years old and while he still looked young… He was just in so much pain and we had to do the right thing… It still… really hurts. It just happened so quickly. We laid him to rest in March 2019.

Miss you every damn day, lil Redd dog.

4. We moved! We really, really moved!
There’s a post down the line where I talked about how we might move in with hubby’s dad, but there were lots of deciding factors. It took about 11 months, but we finally made the move from the big city to Corn Field Country, Indiana! The previous owners sold to a farmer who had already been renting land from them, who in turn let his dad continue living in the trailer on the 60 some odd acre property. With me not being able to work, we put in a ton of work to clear the trailer out, redo the flooring in what is now our bedroom and away we went. We moved in the second week of May 2019. Lots of plans to make this place awesome as the landlord doesn’t mind what changes we make!

5. We adopted a new doggo!
Third week of May, I convinced hubby to let me get a new dog because I couldn’t handle how empty the house was without Redd. So we went to one of the downtown shelters in Cincinnati, I took one look at this goofy girl and made her mine! We had to think of a name on the fly for her at the shelter so they could update her microchip information and hubby named her Rosie (homage to AC/DC’s song Whole Lotta Rosie). We’re pretty sure she’s Jack Russel and Foxhound. I wanna get one of those DNA test kits to be sure though. Maybe around Christmas time! She had just turned 3 years old when we rescued her, had just finished weaning puppies and had been seized from someone’s home by the local police department. She’s smart but also really dumb. She’s the perfect doggo. She even has a half, stumpy tail…

The day we rescued her!

6. I tried to get a job, failed, but got a kitten outta the deal!
It failed spectacularly. My flare-ups were calm for the most part and living on one income had been very hard. Hubby has been the… most amazing rock and support through all of this, but I couldn’t let him do it alone anymore. The job I went with, however, wouldn’t allow any kind of part time, and guess what… flare-ups every day the first week of training. I had to leave… but not before adopting a seriously cute kitten from another girl in the training class! Lil guy, black all over except for having white armpits and a big splotch of white on his belly. I named him Shade. Shade and Rosie absolutely love each other. It’s disgustingly adorable. They cuddle, they play, they groom each other, they sleep together. Totally adorable, lol.

7. I got another job!
So you know how I said I was absolutely done with hospitality after this happened? Wrong! It’s what I know and I know hotels are big on schedule flexibility. So, I got a job working for another Hilton brand hotel, strictly only three days a week, as a night auditor again on third shift. It’s what I know and I’m honestly so happy there. They know my limitations and have been super considerate and accepting. Even though I’m basically a huge liability with my medical issues and potential fainting and falling… they’ve hired me anyway and warmly welcomed me to the team. I’m super happy to be there and to be getting a paycheck again to help with bills.

8. I’ve started a business!
I’ve always been crafty and have always had an eye for creating new things out of other items, especially broken jewelry and costume jewelry. I make things like teeny tiny dreamcatchers from bangle bracelets, other jewelry items, vintage and antique items, curiosity boxes with found items in them, crystals and other crafts. I’m still in the process of setting up an online storefront which you can find here called Lacuna Curios. I also have a Facebook page and Instagram for them! I accept custom requests, and will be working on the storefront to get items up and ready for sale. Until then, the items currently for sale on FB and Insta can be paid for via secure apps like PayPal, Venmo and Cash App.

So there we have it… the biggest highlights I could think of. I’ll probably expand on a couple of them in separate blog posts, but for now… I’m beat. It’s been emotionally draining typing this all up for my first blog post back in action… But here I am, and here I’ll stay. Have you missed me?


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Great Commercials: Sandy Hook – Back To School Essentials — Martians Attack!

Have you had your daily, monthly, weekly (and so on), cry yet?

It’s no secret that school shootings have been steadily growing more and more rampant and you hear about it on the news more often than not. But someone went a step above and put together a sneaky commercial that starts out like a Back to School ad.

And then things… went…. dark.

If you watch this video, you’ll need tissues…

Trigger Warning: School shootings, Sandy Hook.

Holy shit.

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Remember me?

I know it’s been WELL over a year, but t’is I, Jeni, the blogger formerly known as Legit Trash. I just couldn’t stay away! Sometimes a hiatus is good for creative juices to be restored to their former glory.

A little name change in which probably nobody will get, going through and changing all my posts from private to public and tomorrow a face lift on the theme. *happy sigh*

So with that said…

Random Raves, Rants & Rambles, What the everloving fuck?


My poor readers probably thought I fell off the face of the earth.

To be quite honest, I feel like I did. I’m sorry. Really I am.

A shit storm kicked up at what is now my old job, back in October. I was devastated at how I was treated and cried my eyes out for a couple of days afterwards.

You see, what had happened was…

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What the everloving fuck?


In an effort to get back in touch with my blogging, I went to check my stats out and catch up on the spam comments section because they’re usually good for a laugh and I like to make sure my followers comments are getting through okay.

I don’t even know how to ease you into the following spam comments I read… I’ll only say that when I read it out loud for hubs, that he guffawed mightily. You’ve been warned…


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Random Raves, Rants & Rambles, There's a Moral to this Story!


TL;DR – This post has been sitting in my drafts for several weeks… I had every intention of posting it only a couple hours after I started writing it until it started turning into a novel. For those who’d like the short and sweet of it, I’ve been promoted at the job I’ve come to love and truly appreciate for the first time in my life. You’re looking at the new front office manager. Er, actually, front office supervisor. I’m basically the manager, only without being salary and whatever other perks come with it. If you’d like to read the rest of my drivel… keep scrolling!

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Random Raves, Rants & Rambles


If there’s one thing that gets my blood hotter than hell, it’s people thinking they’re entitled to whatever, just because of, well, whatever fucking reason. Got a fancy job? Are you fucking wealthy? Or are you just a huge douchebag that thinks if you intimidate someone, you’ll get your way?

If any of these things apply to you, it must mean that the world owes you any and everything your little heart desires. And woe unto the one who tries to tell you otherwise, cause you’ll let them have it.

Well here’s a big fuck you, buddy. I don’t owe you shit and I’m certainly not going to kiss your ass for any reason.


I work in the hotel industry and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or been part of a conversation with a guest who thinks just because they’ve spent so much money at our establishment, that it entitles them to whatever the fuck they want. Extended after hours time in the pool? Free breakfast? Or just insincere ass-kissing all around.

It seems like privilege and self entitlement are at incredible heights lately and it drives me absolutely insane. Like, I don’t give a shit who you are… President, celebrity or the schmuck from out of town who has the highest tier he can possibly have as a rewards member from frequenting our hotel chain. Get the fuck off your high horse. PLEASE.

Please, do the world a favor and humble yourself for us little folks. Especially those of us who wait on you hand and foot in the service world. Most of us are genuine and enjoy working in hospitality or other service industries. But it’s assholes like you that want to try my motherfucking patience.

If you treat me with anything other than respect or kindness, then please expect me to correct your way of thinking by telling you otherwise because I’m not going to tolerate you screaming at me or threatening to take your business elsewhere because I won’t capitulate to your absolutely ridiculous demands or attitude.


I just can’t stand it.

I’m incredibly lucky to work at the hotel that I do and that our management has our back 120% in any given situation. But my heart goes out to those who don’t and I’ve got your back. If I’m out anywhere and I see someone giving you a hard time, I’ll speak up for you and tell them to fuck off.

It’s the least I can do since I, too, work in the service industry. But also because, well, I’m a fucking human being with a heart and morals. I’ve got your back, bb’s.

/end rant

Random Raves, Rants & Rambles


I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything since…

*goes back to see and cringes*

May 31st… Almost a whole month! Yikes…

Have I mentioned I’m flighty and neurotic? My attention span isn’t solely to blame, though. Depression, writer’s block, etc. I tried to think of shit to write about, I really did. But as the days turned into weeks, I’m pretty much yelling at myself, like… Bitch! 👏 Write! 👏 Something!

The anxiety to write up something, anything was getting stronger the longer I waited. It’s a terrible feeling…

Twilight Sparkle gets it.

Well… nothing much has been going on to write about, except now… Hub’s dad isn’t doing too well healthwise and has practically begged us to move in with him.

For those who are unaware, Matt and I share a house with his mother and have been chomping at the bit to liberate ourselves and establish our freedom once more. It’s been financially impossible the last few years, though, so we’ve been miserable. Very little privacy. Her dog, while cute, barks incessantly. The neighbor is a jackass who doesn’t deserve the dog HE has and he’s annoying af. Just… numerous reasons for us to gtfo.

His dad had asked us before to move in with him but at the time, it just wasn’t feasible. Since I don’t drive, Matt takes me back and forth to work and while I’m at work, he drives for Uber for a few hours. The drive to my work and his dad’s place way out in the country, is an hour there and an hour back.

We’ll deal with the drive time, though, because we really want to take care of his dad. The biggest issue is the fact that because he’s way out in the country, there’s zero reception for our cell phones and the internet company we’re currently with, doesn’t service the area out there. So our options, while we have a few, are basically going to be satellite. Whatever, no big deal. The pros easily outweigh the cons. Besides, Matt can probably get paid through the VA to be his dad’s official caretaker, so there’s that.

It’s also way out in the country. The property sits way back off the road, is surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful trees and has two small lakes for fishing and just, you know, observing peacefully with a cup of coffee… or you know, booze. The pics below were taken earlier this year and the algae is nowhere to be seen now. We went out to visit him a few days ago, which is when he asked us to move in with him again.

We’ll see if it actually happens, though. The deciding factor is on whether or not the property owners will be okay with us moving in as well. If they say no, we’ll have to figure something out so that his dad can move in with us elsewhere. Either way, moving will be happening… it’s just a matter of when and where.

Anyway… Sorry again for taking so long to give y’all something to read. I promise to do better.

Prompts & Challenges


A couple nights ago, I just happened to look up at the cameras while at work. I noticed a fat yellow orbweaver had built a web over one of the cameras outside and have been wanting to get a picture of it to show the hubs. Finally got the shot, but it was incredibly blurry as you see below.

That yellow-ish blob? That’s her!

Me: *shows him the pic* It’s blurry but there she is!
Him: It’s blurry cause she’s nude.


One-Liner Wednesday brought to you by Linda G Hill.

Tiny disclaimer about the 1LW pic I’m using: No offense to the winner is intended but I’d like to support my husband Martians Attack and use his picture. He worked so hard on it and I hated to see it go to the trash.